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Wood Journals - Yes, it’s real!

Genuine birch and cherry wood covers. Savor the 

grain; the knots and swirls. Sliced so thin it is almost 

translucent, then backed with cover stock to make it 

as strong and durable to withstand a lifetime of use.

There are 8 Pocket Keepsake Journals to choose from :

Cherry Birch
Silver Sparkle

Cross Ball Jar
Horse Head

Pocket Keepsake Journals

36 smooth pages to keep inspirations, ideas, recipes, 

notes, lists and more. Hint: The Bride to Be would 
love a littlesparkle in her purse for note taking.

Measures 5  ”x 3  ” $5.25 Pkg of 1

My mother (left) and her

sister using the binding

machine to saddle stitch journals for the community in 1948.


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